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"Jane's understanding of the voice is unrivaled."

- Charles Denler, Emmy Award Winning Composer

"Her voice work, I've never seen anything like it."

- Kevin Nixon, Producer, Owner, Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME), British & Irish Institute of Modern Music (BIMM)

Jane Soucek  is a voice and communications expert, and one of the foremost visionaries in voice science and commercial singing in academia.  She is a multi- genre Musician and Singing Voice Specialist, S.V.S., based in Chicago.  Her training in bio mechanics and laryngology melded with her extensive musical background has made her a highly sought after professor and clinician.


Jane got her start as a professor in Los Angeles, at the California College of Music.  After one semester of teaching, and seeing her students’ progress, the Dean approached her about a Chair position in the International Voice Program.  “I was still honing my voice science techniques then, but what I was doing was yielding incredible results.  I was primarily working with muscle isolations and teaching students to understand the anatomy.”  


From there she went on to oversee the commercial music power-house, DIME @ MSU. “DIME took me from professor to producer.  I wasn’t just teaching voice, I was putting bands together, coaching session styles, doing A & R, and building albums.” 


While in Denver, she began delving into more complex Voice Work. TM    "Voice work goes far beyond singing-- so much of our inner selves and emotion is tied up in the voice--it's therapy, its finest."  Jane has helped clients with vocal fold paralysis, seizures, depression, fold nodules, TMJ, and PTSD, among others.


Now in Chicago, Jane is on faculty in the Speech & Communications Department at North Park University where she splits her time between coaching musicians and expanding her research on the Voice.

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